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Govt launches the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, National Exploration Policy

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Government has expressed commitment to ensuring growth of the mining sector by launching the 2022 – 2027 Mining Strategic Plan alongside the National Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Policy.

Speaking during the joint launch of the documents on Monday in Lilongwe, the Minister of Mining, Monica Chang’amuno, said the launch is an important step towards realizing the country’s aspirations of prosperous Malawi for all as espoused in the Malawi Vision 2063 and the First 10-year Implementation Plan (MIP 2030). 

“The development of the ministry’s strategic plan follows government’s interest for the mining sector to contribute to the sustainable socio-economic growth and development of the country,” she said.

Chang’amuno said the aim of the Strategic Plan is to promote growth and sustainable development of the mineral sector with a view to stimulating exports and contributing to import substitution.

She said the Plan provides a new operational framework with a clear mission, vision and strategic objectives along with clear performance indicators. 

Furthermore, she said, the Plan has taken into account economic challenges Malawi is facing both at micro and macro levels adding that the plan is, therefore, crafted in such a way that it should respond to these challenges for a better Malawi. 

A comprehensive review will then follow to take stock of its implementation, learn from the mistakes made during implementation and build on the successes in developing a successor strategy, she said

While the policy has been developed to provide policy direction and guidance in the implementation of the interventions in the upstream petroleum subsector. 

Chang’amuno therefore appealed to the private sector, development partners and key stakeholders to support the ministry’s efforts to transform the economy of the country through modern, efficient and effective mining industry.

One of the mining investors from Global Metals & Mining, Neville Huxham commended the government for coming up with the documents.

“The release of these two documents is very important for Malawi but this can only benefit the country if there is action,” he said.

Huxham advised the government to make sure that there is implementation of the documents.

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