Journalists urged to report more on HIV/AIDS

HIV Prevention and Management Officer for National AIDS Commission (NAC), Francis Mabedi has said journalists have a big role to play in ensuring that the masses are aware of some pieces of legislation on HIV and AIDS and related issues affecting those infected and affected by the disease.

Mabedi said this on Monday during a brief orientation of journalists belonging to Nyika Media Club on the HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Management) Act of 2018 in Mzuzu.

Aside information on the Act itself, Mabedi said there was need for people to know facts about some prevention interventions made available for them.

“The orientation was meant to help journalists familiarise themselves with the provision of the Act and some interventions that are available to help prevent spread and contraction of HIV.

“As we are all aware, journalists have a huge role to play in disseminating information to the public. We believe once they are informed, they will disseminate the right information,” he said.

Mabedi: Journalists play a crucial role in disseminating HIV related information

Amongst other things, Mabedi appealed for journalists to report more on the role of parents and guardians in ensuring that children and youths on medication are adhering to the same.

“Of late, there has been a challenge where children and young people are defaulting from taking their life prolonging drugs. Let’s help each other to disseminate information that encourages parents and guardians ensure that their children and wards are not defaulting on the drugs so that they grow into productive citizens,” he said.

Nyika Media Club Vice Chairperson, Alefa Katsongo thanked NAC for organising the orientation which she said was insightful to the scribes.

Katsongo: informed journalists will inform the public better

“For journalists to better inform the public, they need to be knowledgeable themselves. It is therefore important that they have been oriented on the HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Management) Act.

“My plea is that the journalists should utilise the opportunity to report more on HIV related issues because the country needs to know that HIV and AIDS is still amongst us and that there are some laws governing its prevention and management,” she said.

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