Kapitapita returns to music industry with inspirational single

After years of silence in the music industry, renowned gospel artist Dustan Kapitapita has made a triumphant return with the release of a new single from his upcoming album, Chigonjetso.

In an interview, the Diso Langa star revealed that he is now fully committed to reigniting his musical career despite facing numerous challenges in recent years.

The gospel artist opened up about the difficulties he encountered, including being sidelined from shows and feeling isolated from the industry, and later on travelled to Botswana and United Arab Emirates.

“I was arrested. I had several challenges, which forced me to lose focus in my music career. I don’t hide, I don’t want to remind people of what happened. When I was arrested, I was sidelined by my fellow gospel musicians, saying I would dent their image. These things really demotivated me, but I never gave up in my career,” bemoaned Kapitapita.

Kapitapita, who became a household name in the gospel circles because of the messages in his songs and his voice, added that he has finalized working on a new nine track album, which will be launched soon, citing that the single Chigonjetso serves as a powerful reflection of the struggles he has endured and his unwavering faith in God’s plan for his life.

Dustan Kapitapita
Kapitapita: I am back to preach the word of God through music. Picture Curtsey of Kapitapita

“Chigonjetso is a track that I wrote out of my past experience. It doesn’t say much, but it talks a lot of what I have gone through. After recording this track, I decided to call it Chigonjetso after a long period of break, and then all these things. I just thought inside me that I was carrying something heavy and I have been delivered. So, it is kind of a victory,” added the Diso Langa star.

Kapitapita further emphasized that despite a change in the country’s music terrain, he will maintain his style and preach the gospel to the masses through music, trying to bridge the new generation with an old generation saying, “People should expect more from me because experience has taught me something. I have seen a lot and I know where to put my foot on. My fans have been missing me and the type of music I do. I am back to preaching the gospel.”

In a separate interview, celebrated gospel musician Dr. Ethel Kamwendo Banda has expressed her excitement on Kapitapita’s return and has committed to provide support where it needs to be.

Ethel Kamwendo Banda
Banda: His return will bring many lost sheep back to salvation

“I am happy for him that he has returned to preach the word of God. Dustin’s songs are liked by everyone including men. Now that he has returned, we are happy that he will bring back many lost sheep to salvation. I am ready to provide him any support he needs,” she said.

Dr. Banda has further encouraged Kapitapita to stay rooted in the Word of God as he continues his musical journey, emphasizing the importance of faith and perseverance in overcoming obstacles.

Chigonjetso album comes years after the Diso Langa album several years ago which contained songs like Diso LangaNdaomboledwa and Mbuye Chotseni

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