Malawi Govt asks scribes to write more coverage on alternative cooking energies

The Malawi Government has asked journalists to triple their efforts in raising environmental awareness that could help people realize the pressing need to take immediate action to stop harming the environment and start restoring the damage.

Energy Officer in the Ministry of Energy Christopher Kachinjika made the appeal in Mponela, Dowa, on Friday during workshop meeting on bridging the gap between alternative cooking suppliers and users, which Community Energy Malawi (CEM).

Kachinjika said the media has a crucial responsibility to play in educating people on what they can do to contribute towards environmental protection and sustainability and build a healthy environment.

Kachinjika: There cannot be an action from the people unless there is awareness–Photo by Watipaso Mzungu

With financial assistance from the Government of Japan through the Government of Malawi and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), CEM is implementing a ‘Kuphikira Moganizira Chilengedwe’ project in Lilongwe and Zomba to improve cooking alternatives in the two cities.

Kachinjika stated that there cannot be any action unless the media creates awareness.

“And this action must start from the individual level and spread through the people and organizations we know. That’s why the role of the media will be needed more this time than ever before,” said Kachinjika.

CEM Executive Director Edgar Bayani said his organization is impressed with the number of households, which are adopting and embracing gas and other alternative energies for cooking away from charcoal.

Bayani said charcoal use has caused a lot of damage to the environment; hence, the need to drop it now to save the remaining trees.

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