Malawi ranked amongst 10 best performing countries

Malawi has been listed as one of the 10 best governed countries in Africa by World Economics.

Mauritania tops the list as the best governed country in Africa boasting a grade of B and an index of 69.3.

The report explains that the cornerstone of effective governance lies in embracing principles such as transparency,  accountability, inclusivity as well as adherence to the rule of law. 

“While governance systems vary across Africa nations,  leadership remains a central issue,” reads part of the report. 

The report further says that despite the growing population Africa is experiencing as well as availability of natural resources, good governance remains a pertinent issue in the continent. 

The report has also revealed that governance quality varies within the continent. 

The World Economics Governance Index provides insights into governance performance of African countries. It evaluates governance through indicators such as corruption perception, rule of law, press freedom and political rights. 

Malawi is ranked on position 7 in Africa boasting a grade C and an index of 52.9 with corruption levels of 37.8 percent.

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