Maranatha Girls Academy opens a campus in Lilongwe

One of the country’s high-flying academic institute of quality higher learning, Maranatha Academy has open its campus in Lilongwe.

In an exclusive interview, Maranatha Girls Academy Managing Director Ernest Kaonga said the they have decided to open its doors in Lilongwe following an outcry from the general public to open the doors for Lilongwe.

Dr Kaonga said Lilongwe Lilongwe is centrally positioned for people to reach with their students.

“The good news is that Maranatha Academy is bringing Maranatha girls to Capital City Lilongwe as as you know know we have been operating in Blantyre for the past 20 years,” he said.

Dr Kaonga said they delayed in opening the campus because they wanted a beautiful place which they have found now.

The place according to Kaonga has everything warm water, CCTV, bulbed wire , permiter fence and everything.

Some parents have already commended Maranatha for opening its campus in Lilongwe saying dropping their student to Blantyre was so costly.

And after dropping the student, picking them when schools closes was not easy.

Maranatha surprised everyone when the school sent 345 students from its campuses for public universities.

Dr Kaonga talking to journalists after the official opening of the Lilongwe Campus

Few years ago, Maranatha Academy also shocked the nation when it produced an incredible 100 percent pass rate from its female students and 99 percent pass rate for the male students in this Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) examinations with flying colours.

Kaonga in an interview said the school is very pleased with all the girls who sat for smashing them with very good grades.

Kaonga said: “We are so proud of the girls for their hardworking spirit. We are happy that our girls did not just pass the exams but they did score them with high grades in style and with bright colours.

“Our goal as a forward-thinking academic institution is to ensure that our students, especially the girls, are served with academic excellence and help them prepare for the road to success ahead.”

In Lilongwe the campus is located at Six Miles adjuncent to Bunda Mitunda road popularly known as white Hotel.

For boys their campus is scheduled to be opened in Lilongwe next year.

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