Minister Matola challenges to advance power generation development 

 Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola challenged Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) to develop a strategic plan that speaks to the aspirations of the country’s power generation development.

Matola was speaking on Tuesday in Lilongwe during the processes of reviewing the Strategic Plan for EGENCO with its stakeholders.

He said Malawi 2063 is very clear that it is the government’s intention to continue investing in the energy sector beyond hydro which is currently the main source of energy.

“It is government’s wish that alternative sources of energy including solar, coal and thermal shall be tapped and used in sustainable manner that avoids or minimizes environmental degradation,” adding that as a nation we need to have sustainable power development.

Matola added that it is his ministry’s responsibility and desire to completely mitigate any potential shortages in power generation that leads to frequent power outages and results in reduced investment in the growth of mining and Industry.

Matola Speaking during the review meeting

This is why EGENCO is supported to ensure that the company produces not just enough electricity but reliable, diversifies and affordable power for people, he explained.

The minister further said despite alot of challenges the company faced, global and natural disasters, they came out of them hence the restoration of Kapichira and Tedzani power stations among others.

In his remarks, EGENCO Chief Executive Officer, William Liabunya, said since the launch of their 2018-2033 strategic plan, five years of implementing there has been a number of achievements as well as challenges that necessitated the review of the plan inorder to align it with the new trends in the market and incorporate lessons learnt.

“The plan provided a sense of direction in terms of the company’s investments, operations, projects and how to sustainably generate power for generations,” he said.

However, he said, reviewing of the plan and contributions from stakeholders will not only lead to the company’s growth but also to that of the nation in developing sustainable and efficient power.

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