MPs demand for full repatriation of refugees

Members of Parliament have called for full repatriation of refugees to their respective native countries. 

The MPs also oppose the relocation of the refugee camp from Dzaleka, Dowa to Kayilizi, Chitipa, describing it as not the best alternative to deal with immigrants. 

MP for Chitipa South Welani Chilenga explained that most of the refugees and asylum seekers, their countries are now safe, hence the need to facilitate their repatriation. 

Chilenga was speaking when contributing to a report of the Trade and Industry committee of Parliament that explains how the Small Scale Business Operators Association complained of unfair business by foreigners. 

“We have fears of allocating a refugee camp to Chitipa because it will suffocate  small-scale, already struggling businesses. Our people do run small businesses like grocery shops, mandasi and others survive by selling woods,” complained Chilenga. 

In addition, Chilenga, reminded fellow MPs and government that the land earmarked for a new refugee camp at Kayilizi is a protected area with huge forest cover and resources and fears that if given to refugees, it will be depleted. 

Chilenga: The move will suffocate small-scale businesses

Commenting on the same, MP for Mulanje South West, George Chaponda concurred with Chilenga on ensuring facilitation of repatriation of refugees to their homes.

Chaponda gave an example of Mozambican refugees who went back home within a short period of time. 

He however said, “We need to relook at some things that lead them to clang here. Let us try to resolve this.”

In his contribution, Dowa West MP, Abel Kayembe told the August House his people have been grappling on how to deal with issues of refugees as others involved land grabbing. 

“We should also look at other illegal immigrants from Lebanon, India and other Asians countries who are habour into different corners of the country.” advised Kayembe.

Therefore, the Trade and Industry Committee of Parliament has recommended investigations towards allegations of corrupt activities by some office bearers.

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