Msonda accuses Namalomba of using APM name to intimidate DPP members

Member of the National Governing Council (NGC) of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Kenneth Msonda, has accused the party’s spokesperson, Shadric Namalomba, of using the name of the former President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to intimidate party members.

Msonda further alleges that the statements Namalomba issues on behalf of APM do not represent Mutharika’s stand on various issues in the party.

He cited the recent communique the Mutharika’s spokesperson wrote to DPP vice president for the Central Region, Zeria Chakale as not the opinion of the party leader.

“Truth be told, party members are surprised with your reaction to Hon Zaria Khumbidze Chakale’s article in media. Why write her instead of just talking to her direct? It’s undeniable fact that at the moment our party has thrown it’s political administrative procedures and protocols to the dogs,” writes Msonda.

He wondered why Namalomba is releasing statements without consulting or asking for the blessing of the party’s Secretary General Greselder Jeffrey.

Msonda (standing) speaking during the press briefing

“Even yourself my respected brother the spokesperson for the former state president HE Prof APM, cannot be trusted, usually your communication is false, you have a cancerous tumor disease of issuing press statements masquerading as if it’s coming from the former state president who is also our party president. Recently you lied to the nation and DPP members through media that HE Prof APM has removed from his position Hon Charles CHIKUNICHAUTSI Mchacha as RG South to be given another responsibility. Few days later Hon Charles CHIKUNICHAUTSI Mchacha held a press briefing and refuted what you said,” said Msonda.

He added, “History is on record that months ago the party clerk Mr. Francis Phempo issued a statement that the Central Executive Committee has appointed some party loyalists as NGC members. The following day the party secretary general issued a statement signed by all 9 Central Executive Committee members except the party president HE Prof APM *(it is believed that APM didn’t sign the statement because it wasn’t given to him to sign otherwise he was ready to sign)* refuting what the party clerk said.”

Msonda warned Namalomba against issuing further statements without consulting the Secretary-General.

“My respected brother Namalomba, with such maladministration how do you expect the nation through the media to trust statements from our party leadership? My opinion is that let’s not waste time blaming media for our mess but instead put our house in order.

“Blaming media for our sins is a very serious oversight; media is the forth state, you start fighting it atimakidza. We made the same blunder during 2019/2020 fresh presidential elections; we mobilized party members against the Judges, it ended in tears anatimalidzila, pano tili kunja kwa boma, tili pa shamba pakutentha,” he stated.

There was no immediate reaction from Namalomba.

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