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Murdered, raped 12-year-old girl soul still waiting for justice

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“Tipite kumanda mukandisiye komweko inuyo mukabwelere. Musamalire amayi, musamalire abambo mpaka tidzaonana,” Standard 8 pupils from Ntambanyama Primary School in Thyolo District sang the late Paul Chaphuka’s song as their fellow pupil’s coffin was being lowered into the grave on that fateful Wednesday in January, 2023.

At exactly, 5:02 in the afternoon, the body of 12-year-old girl, Praise Mafotetsa, who was strangled to death after being raped was laid to rest.

On that day, thousands of people that came to pay their last respect braved the rains.

Father and mother to the innocent girl looked devastated as they waved at the coffin, tied with green ropes before being lowered into the grave by adzukulu.

As the coffin slowly descended into the grave, pupils shed tears in disbelief, while on the other side choir members sang: “Ndigoneranji mmanda ndekha.”

“Azibambo senderani kuno tilandirane ntchito yokwilira manda amwana wathu.”(Meaning they should help grave diggers to bury angel Praise), said the master of ceremonies.

A woman standing a far carried a cross bearing date of birth and death of Praise. Next to her were women carrying wreathes made from red and green flowers.

Soon after the coffin bearing the remains of Praise reached at its final resting place, a grave digger inside the grave was overheard shouting from inside: “Bokosi lafika kokani zingwe zituluke komanso bweletsani mphasa.” 

There was total silence when the pastor said,” Dothi ku dothi, fumbi ku fumbi,” while pouring the soil inside the grave. 

They lost a daughter in a brutal way-Photo Arkangel Tembo-Mana.

It was a heart-breaking moment when the mother to Praise stood next to the grave, with her head looking down at the coffin of her daughter 6 feet under the ground.

She also took some soil before pouring inside the grave.

In tears, the mother shouted while waving at the coffin, “I still can’t believe you’re gone my angel.

Every single day will be harder than the day before to walk this earth without you by my side. I love you more than this world Princess. Fly high, it’s not goodbye. goodnight my sweetie until we meet again, love mummy.”

Everybody looked confused, as women shed tears, while some men could be seen whispering to each other in a low tone.

Praise teacher, could not control her tears, as she shouted, “Why God Why God have you allowed evil people to take away my bright and bubbly little girl, she always came into class with that big beautiful smile of hers. It was an absolute pleasure to have taught you my Queen. I’m so grateful to have known this special little girl.”

All this was happening, as grave diggers were burying Praise, with choir members singing songs, one after another.

“Dziko la mtendere eeeeeh zowawa kulibe dziko la mtendere looooo.”

After burying the girl, the master of ceremonies asked for the cross “Bwelesani mtanda kuno tikhomele kumutu tamaliza kukonza nyumba ya Praise”

Background Praise classmates were singing, “Pumani bwino Mulungu akuyang’anireni.”

Everybody at the cemetery was so touched to see a mother kissing the soil on top of her daughter’s grave after laying her wreathe.

She narrated some words, while facing the black cross planted on the graveyard of her daughter “Amene wapanga izi kwa iwe mwana wanga sadzapeza mtendere padziko lapansi.”

After the burial ceremony, one by one left the cemetery with darkness going to their various homes leaving Praise all alone 6 feet under the ground as she waits on the gates of heaven for justice …. the justice to see those people who forced her to an early grave.


It all started, on a Monday morning when Praise was coming from part time lessons when she met her fate.

She was captured by unknown people who tied her hands and legs before raping her and strangled her to death.

Moment of silence please……Just imagine how traumatized the little girl was. Imagine it was somewhere in a bush being harassed by these people.

She tried to rescue herself but she was powerless. She tried to shout for help but nobody heard her. She tried to reason with these evil men but to no avail. She saw death in her eyes and slowly the young girl lost the battle, as she closed her eyes and left motionless.


Now it is close to eight months since Praise was killed and police arrested four men suspected to have taken hand in the girl’s killing.

DNA test was conducted in South Africa as part of investigations.

Thyolo Police Deputy Publicist, Rabecca Kashoti said DNA results were out but for security reasons, while investigations are still in progress, they cannot reveal the outcome to the public.

“DNA results are out and we showed the bereaved family only. We will be able to disclose it to the public once investigations are concluded,” says Kashoti.

This world is cruel. People are still waiting for the justice to come out and see those who killed innocent girl.

Who killed the young girl?

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