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Neno Faith Leaders March against homosexuality

Faith Leaders in Neno District Monday marched to the district Council offices where they delivered a petition expressing their stand against homosexuality and same sex marriages.

Speaking in an interview after delivering the petition, Secretary of the pastor’s Fraternal, Reverend David Kholowa emphasized that homosexuality is against the will of God and should not be tolerated in the country, being a God fearing nation.

“God punished inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah where such behaviors was practiced,” Kholowa said.

He added that the issue of same sex marriage and homosexuality is not only an issue of religion but culture as well since Malawian culture does not condone same sex marriages.

Protesters during the march

Kholowa said the pastors understand that the issue is at the constitution court but they will not stop advancing what is right in the eyes of God.

In his remarks upon receiving the petition letter, Neno District Commissioner, Hudson Kuphanga, assured the protestors that he will write a cover letter and send the petition to the Office of the President and Cabinet expressing the protestors’ concerns.

Kuphanga receives a petition from Kholowa

He therefore commended the protestors for practicing their right to demonstrate peacefully.

The faith leaders were joined by Neno citizens carrying placards with messages highlighting their stand against homosexuality and different faith organizations including the Evangelical association of Malawi, the Muslim association of Malawi and the Quadria Muslim association of Malawi.

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