Organisation in a drive to bridge digital gender gap in Blantyre

The project is targeting Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSS), especially those that do not offer Computer studies as a subject.

In an interview on Wednesday, Reach Out to Girls National Coordinator, Sarah Khudze said so far 25 students from Bangwe CDSS have graduated from the project saying their aim is to reach out to female students who have never been exposed to computers to be equipped with ICT skills.

“This project will help to bridge the gender gap in Science and Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) disciplines by encouraging and training more women to pursue careers in these fields if they are exposed to STEM subjects.” Said Khudze

She added that enabling equal access to high-quality STEM education can assist in combating and dispelling gender stereotypes that discourage girls from pursuing this field.

Students learning computer

She said: “Even if one may not have an academic root to pursue technology but with the limited skills they have been imparted with, they can initiate something for their personal self-reliance.”

Commenting on the issue, Executive Director for Civil Society Education Coalition Benedicto Kondowe said the project is timely, well targeted, and relevant as this will help to boost the interest of female students to have passion in technology as many schools do not have computer laboratories.

“These days those without digital literacy are unable to take advantage of the benefits modern technology is bringing to the world and this initiative adds a lot of value to key learning areas like preparing the students for an integrated society dominated by ICT development thereby contributing to Malawi vision 2063,” said Kondowe.

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