PAC approves President Chakwera’s decision to reinstate Kapondamgaga

Where there is truth there is justice and the truth sets people free. This is the case of Chief of Staff Prince Kapondamgaga who was suspended last year on allegations that he received bribes in form of the Mercedes Benz from a businessman Zunneth Sattar who is under investigations on some corruption misconduct.

Despite being in an influential position, Kapondamgaga carried himself humbly by cooperating with the Anti Corruption Burea’s investigations.

A year on after commencing investigations into Kapondamgaga the ACB cleared him after being satisfied with Kapondamgaga’s evidence. For starters, the Chief of Staff voluntarily gave evidence to ACB on the issue. According to ACB, Kapondamgaga indicated that he received the said vehicle on account that it was a gift, and never at any point did it occur to him that he was being bribed hence his decision to hand over the car to the ACB.

As per mandate, the ACB did not just take Kapondangaga’s statement. The graft-bursting body had to carry out further investigations also into the evidence which they established that Kapondamgaga was being truthful hence their decision to clear him.

Now, a month after the investigations was stopped, it has been reported that Kapondamgaga has resumed his duties as the State House Chief of Staff. Kapondamgaga’s reistatement has been warmly welcomed across sectors.

The Public Affairs Committee is one of many organisation that has come out to express its support for Kapondamgaga’s reinstatement. PAC Spokesperson Gifford Matonga said it will be unfair to penalize Kapondangaga now that the ACB has cleared him.

Bishop Matonga: It will be unfair to penalize Kapondamgaga

He said: “Any person is innocent until proven otherwise by the court of law. So, in this case, we will be very hesitant as Public Affairs Committee to condemm or not the President because he is following the rule of law in that regard until it is proven that the law that Kapondamgaga received Mercedes Benz 5-Class 350d and other gifts from Sattar, the Chief of Staff signed a restitution agreement with the bureau after recording a statement, hence he will not face criminal charges”.

Meanwhile, there is happiness within State House Corridors and the Malawi Congress Party following Kapondamgaga’s reinstatement.

Kapondangaga is said to be the man of people. So, it’s not surprising that there is wide celebration now that he is back in office.

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