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Police in Mchinji nab three over medical drugs

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Police in Mchinji have arrested three men for allegedly trading medical drugs without a license.

According to Limbani Mpinganjira, Mchinji Police Public Relations Officer, the three men were arrested during a joint raid exercise conducted by detectives from Mchinji Police Station and Kamwendo Police Post on medical shops. 

Mpinganjira said the suspects were identified as Patrick Kapinya, Nefutale Zombo, and Kamfosi Kalirani, all of them are residents of Matutu Village under Traditional Authority M’duwa in Mchinji.

One of the suspects pointing at the medical drugs he was selling

During the operation, the police discovered that the suspects were selling medical drugs without a license. When asked to produce documents, the trio failed to do so, prompting the police to take them into custody.

“The suspects were found selling medical drugs without a license, and upon questioning, they couldn’t produce any documents to show they were authorized to do so. We, therefore, arrested them and seized the drugs they had in their possession pending analysis and examination report by medical drug experts,” said Mpinganjira.

Mpinganjira: the suspects were arrested for selling medical drugs without permit

The police have meanwhile urged the public to be cautious when buying medical drugs and ensure that they are purchasing them from licensed dealers.

“We want to warn the public that they should always be careful when buying medical drugs. They should ensure that they are buying from licensed medical shops. We will continue to conduct such operations to rid our district of criminals and bring sanity to our communities,” added Mpinganjira.

The suspects are expected to appear in court soon to answer charges of being found in possession of medical drugs without a license.


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