Parents urged to ensure that children get Polio Vaccine

Chitipa District Health Office has urged parents and guardians to ensure that all under 15 year-old children are given oral polio vaccine during the current polio vaccination campaign which will run for four days from July 12, 2023.

Speaking at Lufita Trading Centre on Tuesday, Matron for Chitipa District Hospital, Nayi Nyirenda said the vaccination campaign is conducted with the goal of preventing the targeted children from polio.

 “Let us take this exercise as a serious intervention in Polio prevention. Polio can kill and lead to permanent disability. Therefore, let us make sure that our children have been given the vaccine,” Nyirenda said.

Senior Chief Mwabulambya administering a polio vaccine

Director of Administration for Chitipa District Council, Clement Gonthi saluted the district’s traditional leaders for taking a leading role in sensitizing their subjects on the importance of the vaccine.

“We have great hope that with concerted efforts from various stakeholders who include chiefs we will manage to reach out to 111, 000 children which is our target” he said. 

Senior Chief Mwabulambya urged people in the district against spreading misconceptions about the vaccine, saying doing so, will counteract the objective of the initiative.

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