Rumphi applauded for containing Cholera outbreak

The Committee members, Wednesday visited Rumphi District Hospital and Mtangwanika area which used to be a cholera hotspot, to appreciate the progress of the fight against Cholera in the district

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Leader of the delegation of the team who is also a Member of Parliament for Nsanje Central, Kafandikhale Mandevana commended Rumphi District Hospital for containing the spread of the disease in spite of several challenges the facility is facing to address the situation.

“We commend the health workers at this facility; they have managed to contain the spread of the disease in spite of several challenges which the facility is going through. We have seen that the case management was properly handled because only 1.6 percent representing 17 patients out of 1,044 died,” he said.

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Members of Parliament interact with communty members at Mtangwanika

Mandevana said the committee had noted some people drink unsafe water from the South Rukuru River and pledged that the committee would engage relevant Ministries such as the Ministry of Water and Sanitation to address the situation.

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District Environmental Health Officer (DEHO) for Rumphi, John Mpoha said collaboration amongst stakeholders including chiefs at the council level made it easier for communities to adopt Cholera preventive guidelines.

He appealed for assistance from public and non-state organizations to train additional health workers in case management and provide the facility with more tents for makeshift Cholera treatment centers.

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“We have just eight tents which cater for fifteen health facilities across the district, hence the plea,” Mpoha added.

Village Head Chirambiro of Mtangwanika commended United Nations Children’s Funds  (UNICEF) for providing water purifying tablets to each and every household in his village.

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