SPC leads government officials in tree-planting exercise

The SPC was speaking in Lilongwe when she led government officials in planting trees of different species at Dzalanyama Forest.

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“Today, we have managed to plant 3, 000 trees of different species, and these trees play a significant role in our society by producing oxygen and also as a source of water,” said Zamba.

Dzalanyama is the source of many rivers that accommodate a high population of Lilongwe District.

“So, this will help Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) to be able to supply adequate water to residents of Lilongwe,” she added.

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Zamba also appealed to all the youth present at the occasion, including students, to take tree planting as a hobby to restore the lost forests.

‘’My plea to these youth is that they must take tree-planting as a hobby in order to recover the beautiful forests we had.

“As you are aware, any malpractices in our forests will lead to climate change affecting this generation. So, it is also their role as the youth to plant trees in schools or homes,’’ stated.

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In his remarks, Secretary for Natural Resources and Climate Change, James Ali commended the government for its continued efforts in protecting the environment through tree planting.

Ali: We are grateful to Government

“We are grateful for the support that government gives us that help in protecting our forests by deploying Malawi Defence Force soldiers and police officers in our forests throughout Malawi.

“As a ministry, we will ensure that we plant as many trees as possible so that we can restore our forests,’’ said Ali.

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Different government departments, including Malawi Defence Force, Police Officers, Teachers, and District Commissioners for Lilongwe and Mchinji took part in the tree-planting exercise.

The exercise was conducted under the theme: ‘’Restore Dzalanyama Forest for Livelihoods Security.’’

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