Apostle Joseph Ziba calls for public involvement in healthcare improvement

Apostle Ziba made the call on Friday when he donated various items to Zingwangwa Community Hospital in Blantyre to celebrate his birthday.

Ziba said he decided to make the donation to complement government efforts in improving health sector, and celebrate with other people on his special day..

Ziba: Government needs our support

“We must understand that the government cannot do everything for us, but we can do something with the little we have to help it fulfill its healthcare agenda. This is a day for reflection on the love and grace of God, and we celebrate it together,” said Ziba.

He explained that they decided to donate to the hospital because members of his church come from the same area.

Maureen Mpanje, the Nurse-in-Charge at the hospital, expressed her gratitude to Apostle Ziba and called on other religious organizations to help.

“I wish other sectors could also help us because as I am talking, when it’s raining, the ART department floods because the drainage isn’t well constructed,” she said.

The donated items included wheelchairs, a sterilizer machine, and BP caps, among others.


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