Unicaf inspires students in afforestation drive

Unicaf University-one of the private universities in the country says inspiring students to plant trees while young accelerate environmental sustainability.

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Speaking on Monday in Lilongwe when the institution led tree planting exercises at Atsikana Paulendo Secondary School and Mbado Community Day Secondary School, Unicaf University Chancellor, Kuthemba Mwale said the institution wants students to learn and appreciate the importance of planting and caring for trees so that it becomes a habit to them.

“By inspiring the students, we are actually inspiring the next generation to love and have a culture of planting trees through the passage of time. We all know how deforestation has negatively affected our country through climate change,” he said.

Dr Kuthemba Mwale planting a tree. Pic by Mike Van Kamande-Mana

Mwale said students should take responsibility for the environment and should avoid destroying it through unsustainable environmental practices.

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One of the students, Esther Chinombo said people should desist from aimlessly cutting down trees because trees are the source of life.

“Trees take carbon dioxide and give us oxygen which we breathe. In fact, climate change and global warming could be a thing of the past if we all agree to plant more trees,” she said.

Atsikana Paulendo Secondary School head teacher Steve Manda said this was a big lesson to the students that can motivate them to take ownership of environmental protection.

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“We all have a responsibility to care for the environment regardless of age or status. We are all affected by climate change,” he said.

In his remarks, Mbado Community Day Secondary School head teacher Samson Phiri said that biologically speaking, it is the trees that sustain life and hence the need to encourage everyone to be involved in environmental protection.

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