Word for the World embarks on Bible translation project

The Word for the World (TWFTW) has embarked on an ambitious project to translate the Bible into local languages in Malawi in its effort to reach all mankind with gospel in their mother languages.

Slightly over 30 people from Mozambique and Malawi are currently attending a Bible translation training, which is taking place at Msamba Catholic Centre in Lilongwe. The participants have been chosen through their respective churches.

TWFTW National Coordinator, Reverend Emmanuel Kasisi, disclosed that the training will run for the next three years.

Kasisi stated that the training aims at ensuring that the word of god reaches all people in their ethnic languages.

Participants to the Bible translation training posing for a group photo

“Word for the world was founded with the view to make the Gospel reach everyone and as we speak, the bible has been translated into more than 200 languages. The aim of word for the world is also to promote languages of the indigenous,” he said.

He said after the training, the organisation expects the trainees to help in translating the Bible into local languages so that people understand the will of God.

On his part, the organisation’s Regional Training Director, William Majani said it is the wish of the organization to see the bible being translated into as many languages as possible saying this is important in spreading the Gospel. Board member for the organisation, Macleod Nyirongo agreed with Majani saying it is very important for the Bible to be translated as this makes it accessible in each and everyone’s language.

He then advised participants to get prepared for the work saying getting the Bible to people requires more understanding and attention.

William Qeko Jere speaking on behalf of the other trainees

“The aim of Word for the World is to translate the Bible into everyone’s language regardless of where someone is. They will translate the word in each person’s language so that they connect to God personally because speaking to God is personal,” Nyirongo said.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, William Qeko Jere described the training as very important saying it will help them become good carriers of the word of God. 

Jere noted that following the training, which will take three year, they will not be the same again.

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