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Amyryllis Hotel chases Attorney General Chakaka Nyirenda in preference to foreign guest

Concerned Malawians have condemned the management of the Blantyre-based Amyryllis Hotel for chasing Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda out of the room he duly paid to accommodate guests from a certain North African country.

The Malawi’s top legal counsel has since described the ordeal as a ‘lousy experience with the character of racism at Amyryllis Hotel.

“I just had to move to my lovely Sunbird Mount Soche Hotel whose management happily welcomed me,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Reacting to the news, Moses Kumwenda regretted the experience the AG had at the hotel. He, however, suggested that Chakaka-Nyirenda should have stayed put and demand answers from the management.

“Bwana AG mukanangokhala konko. Olo kugona pa reception while standing on the truth, zikanakhala bwino. You should have not moved an inch because you are in that position because of the authority that Malawians gave you through our president. If they have succeeded to do this to you without consequences, they will do the same to other Malawians without names like yours. May I kindy advise my AG to make another visit to this hotel, ask someone that you want to see the owner of the hotel and humbly remind the owner that the Malawian law doesn’t allow any discrimination or marginalisation by race,” said Kumwenda.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of Amyryllis Hotel has apologized to Chakaka-Nyirenda for the bad experience the hostel subjected him to.

“Thank you very much for your phone calls and your concerns. The major shareholder as well as the General Manager of Amyryllis Hotel reached out to me through a phone call. I am happy to report that the issue has now been amicably resolved. It’s now water under the bridge,” said the AG through a Facebook post made a few hours ago.

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