Barry raps relationship demands in ‘Too Much’

Veteran hip-hop artist, Barry One, real name Barry Mkolongo has announced his return to the music scene with his first single of the year Too Much featuring GD of the DareDevilz duo.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA), the Blantyre-based rapper revealed that the inspiration behind the song stems from modern-day trends of people making demands in the infancy of many relationships.

“It is common these days that before you really get to know someone you just met, demands are high to sustain the friendship. Some get a wrong impression that you want to be more than friends and for others it is just their habit of asking a lot from men,’’ he said.

Taking his turn in between magical vocals by GD on the hook, Barry One dropped two verses, among others, touching on the pressure exerted on men by women obsessed with a luxurious lifestyle, expensive cuisines, fashion and hastened marriage.

Let’s know each better before throwing demands- Barry One

“Takumana dzulo ati amandikonda/ Akufuna ya rent, zalanso akufuna kukonza/ Akufunanso Iphone ati amaikonda/ Birthday yake next week, dinner nso ifuna sponsor,” raps the Pokopoko hitmaker in the first verse.

Commenting on its profound relevance to society, Barry One said the song carries an important message that will act as a wake-up call for men to deal with such types of scenarios although often handled differently depending on the financial muscle.

He said: “I am not saying it is every lady acting as such but they, themselves, should also be aware that men might be willing to spend on them after building a rapport and are satisfied to move on with the relationship.” 

Produced by Trappy Beatz and mastered by GD, the song is now available on various digital platforms including malawimusic.com, goldencitytower.com, and streaming apps such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, and Youtube.

Meanwhile, visuals for Too Much will drop in May having received warm reception and radio airplay few days after its premiere. 

Having taken a sabbatical leave from releasing music owing to personal engagements, Barry One has since promised his fans to expect a lot this year.

“I was too occupied with some other personal projects which diverted my focus to work on music. I am yet to drop an album and other projects as well with ‘hommie’ Hyphen, so be on the lookout,” he said.

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