Chikwawa launches 2023 developmental projects  

Speaking during the launch at Chikwawa Community Ground Saturday, District Commissioner Nardin Kamba said the council strives to provide essential services and infrastructure to all sectors in the district to ensure smooth operations and quality service delivery.

“All the funds under our custody will be utilized for the intended purpose; there will be accountability and transparency.

Kamba: Chikwawa District Council will strive for smooth operations and quality service delivery.

“In addition, as a council, we intend to maintain quality so through our department of public works we will closely supervise the contractor to deliver quality work but the community members should work with us to ensure the resources at the sites are not stolen,” said Kamba.

Member of Parliament for Chikwawa South, Elias Karim also echoed Kamba’s sentiments during the second phase of the launch which involved handing over projects’ sites to contractors.

“We need to work together for this development to materialize, the community members should take ownership and guard the resources against plunder to develop the area and nation at large,” said Karim.

MP Elias Karim delivering a speech during site handover for Konzere CDSS classroom block

He added that as a Member of Parliament, he is happy that the people from his area will benefit from GESD through the construction of a classroom block for Konzere Community Day Secondary School which has only one block and is yet to open.

“Our children travel long distances to access secondary school education, so it is my hope that after this project is completed, the government through the Ministry of Education will operationalize it and add other essentials like laboratories,” he added.

Contractors and other stakeholders during site handover for Chapananga police unit project

Meanwhile, Traditional Authority Ngowe and Chief Education Officer for the district, Greystone Alindiamao have hailed the government for the project which will ensure accessible quality education for learners around the area.

“We are thankful that the council prioritized education infrastructure in this year’s project, we can only develop if we invest enough in our education sector and work together with the community to fully utilize the resources directed for such,” added Alindiamao.

This year’s budget for Chikwawa GESD projects is K548, 112, 696 and K157, 500,204.62 and the funds will go towards the construction of classroom blocks at Njereza school, Chilangoma primary school, Konzere CDSS, a teachers house at Makala primary school, Chapananga police unit, Chang’ambika girls hostel, Tizola Maternity Wing, Mitondo HSA house, and Chikwawa Community Ground.

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