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Dan Lu delivers a message of hope through new song “Imfa”

Award-winning Afro Pop artist Dan Lu has taken the music scene by storm once again, this time with his emotionally charged new song and video, “Imfa,” which tackles the sensitive subject of death.

As Malawi faces challenging moments that have left many feeling despondent, Dan Lu’s “Imfa” seeks to inspire resilience and positivity among his fellow countrymen. 

The song and its accompanying video emphasize the importance of finding contentment with what one has, rather than resorting to theft or despair due to envy.

In an interview, Dan Lu provided insight into the inspiration behind his latest creation and his desire to bring comfort and hope to a nation grappling with difficult times.

“I am living in Malawi, I am living with people, and I know what is happening on the ground. So, as an artist, I need to have a voice and comfort people. Things are not going well in the country, leading to stress and depression. So, I am encouraging them not to kill themselves because death is bad. I was also comforting people who have lost their loved ones, encouraging them that we are all going to die and leave everything,” said Dan Lu.

A Snapshot of the newly released Imfa video

Speaking about the emotional depth of the video, the Part of Life fame explained that the video’s concept was emotional, bearing in mind that death always hits hard, creating a challenge in the process.

Dan Lu said he wanted the video to represent real things.

“We faced a lot of challenges. The script required me to be laid in a coffin, and we did not have an idea on where we could hire the coffin from. We spent a lot of money to produce the video. With the country’s crazy economy, it wasn’t easy to source the money. We spent about MK3.8 million,” said Dan Lu.

A Snapshot of the newly released Imfa video

Despite these obstacles, Dan Lu’s commitment to his art and message shone through as he has been rewarded with an overwhelming response from fans and supporters.

“I feel good because I am a messenger. My job is to deliver, comfort, teach, and educate the people. I am happy because the response is too much. So far, we had a listening party, and we have made about MK16,500,000,” he added.

The video has meanwhile brought mixed reactions from the public, with some quarters advising Dan Lu to lay in a coffin.

Commenting on Dan Lu’s Facebook Page, Yusufu Dini commended the artist for the song with a powerful message, but was against the idea of lying in a coffin.

“This is a very good song, but the idea of lying in the coffin was not good,” posted Dini.

Another fan, Joseph Makula commented, “Blessed are those who share the little they have because they realize that once they die, they will leave everything behind.”

As Dan Lu’s career continues to evolve, he promises that “Imfa” is only the beginning of a larger, more impactful project.

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