DPP Kayuni fired for using public office for personal gain in arrest of Chizuma

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Chizuma was arrested in the wee hours of December 6, 2022, at her residence by armed police officers, a development which was later learnt that the law enforcers acted on Kayuni’s complaint.

Chakwera instituted a commission of inquiry on 10th December 2022 to investigate ACB Cezar’s arrest, a report was submitted on January 6 2023 from the committee which carried out the inquiry.

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Fired as DPP – KAYUNI

Speaking Wednesday morning at Kamuzu Palace during a Presidential National Address on Martha Chizuma’s arrest, Chakwera said the commission of inquiry report found that Kayuni in his constitutional right summoned Chizuma regarding an audio that made rounds last year in which Chizuma was sharing sensitive information with a third party.

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“Where the Commission found Dr. Kayuni in the wrong was in his decision to file a personal complaint on matters pertaining to his office as Director of Public Prosecutions while still holding that office, which the Commission found to be a conflict of interest and an act of unsound judgment,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera added that Kayuni’s actions to summon Chizuma on personal grounds were a breach of public trust.

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The Head of State also mentioned that Kayuni regrated for the unsound judgment when he was summoned to the Presidential residence.

Chakwera: Kayuni’s act was a breach of public trust

“To prevent him from using a public office to settle a personal injury, I have removed Dr. Kayuni from office with immediate effect, and I thank him for his many years of service. In his place, I have appointed Masauko Edwin Chamkakala as Malawi’s new Director of Public Prosecutions, and I call on all agencies of the State to support his efforts,” said Chakwera.

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In light of this and to restore trust between the people and government officials, President Chakwera ensured that Ms. Chizuma maintains her position as ACB Director General.

Chakwera also called for anyone with evidence that government officials interfered with the commission’s inquiry into Chizuma’s case to come forward and urged Malawians to stay away from unnecessary fights in order to strive for unity.

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Chakwera has also recommended to the Malawi Police Service Inspector General to refer the conduct of two deputy IGs who deferred Chakwera’s directive to release Chizuma.

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