DPP lawmaker Vuwa Kaunda hails Chakwera for connecting Malawi to the Nacala Port, resolving fuel scarcity

Democratic Progressive party (DPP) Member of Parliament for Nkhata bay Central Constituency, Simon Vuwa Kaunda, has hailed Malawi leader President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for travelling to Mozambique where he has brought this country fuel as well as connected Malawi to the Nacala Port. 

Kaunda said for a long time, Malawi has been known to be a landlocked country because it is not surrounded by any sea and this has been making goods very difficult to haul since these have been coming from the port of Dar-es-salaam which is very from Malawi, almost 1,600 Km while Nacara Corridor is less than 1,000 Km .

In an exclusive interview, Kaunda said let the truth be told that as a country its time to practice responsible opposition. 

He said, it is good to oppose whenever necessary and commend government and leadership wherever it is doing well. 

President Chakwera speaking

“This behaviour of opposing everything for the sake of opposing will never help this country to grow,” he said.

He said whatever Chakwera has brought in the country will benefit everyone and not individuals. 

“Fuel has been an issue for long time so if the leader is taking a step to solve this, it means we have to commend him,” said Kaunda.

This is the second time Kaunda has come in defence of President Chakwera on matters bordering the state. 

Recently, Kaunda commended President Chakwera for fixing blackout issues as well as attainment of Extended Credit Facility. 

Kaunda has since urged members of opposition to criticize where it is necesary and provide solution than scoring political mileage only.

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