Federalism Institute proposes declaration of Bushiri, Moses Mkandawire, Onjezani Kenani as National Treasures of Malawi

The Federalism Institute in Malawi has proposed that government should declare Dr. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Moses Washington Mkandawire and Stanley Onjezani Kenani as national treasures.

The designation of National Treasure is a way of recognizing one for the significant contributions to the country and to humanity as a whole, and whose legacy and impact will continue to be felt for generations to come.

The institute’s leader Lusungu B Simba Mwakhwawa and National Spokesperson Ms. Rehema Patricks, in a statement issued on March 23, 2023, say they believe Bushiri, Mkandawire and Kenani are true icons of Malawi because of the contributions they are making towards humanity, society, culture and social justice.

Mwakhwawa and Patricks further state that Bushiri has made significant contributions to society and the well-being of others.

On the other hand, they say Mkandawire, as a social and political activist, has made significant contributions to society and the well-being of others through his activism, adding that his legacy as a champion of justice, human rights, and democracy will continue to inspire people of Malawi, and his leadership and vision has a profound impact on young people and Malawi as a whole.

“He has to be recognized as a symbol of moral leadership and integrity,” says the statement.

On Kenani, Mwakhwawa and Patricks say the social media influencer is a true icon of our country as he has, on several occasions, mobilized millions of kwachas to help the poor students and communities affected by natural disasters, among others.

The contribution of Onjezani in helping to alleviate poverty and improve the lives of those in need is significant and worthy of recognition. It is important to recognize and celebrate his contributions in a meaningful way, adds the statement.

“We therefore request the Government of Malawi and all other reputable companies and organizations that they should consider nominating the above individuals to be declared National Treasures of Malawi. By declaring him a National Treasure, we can ensure that his contributions are properly preserved and protected, and that his legacy of patriotism is properly recognized and celebrated,” emphasizes the institute.

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