Government plans auctioning containers confiscated from refugees

The Ministry of Homeland Security has planned to put on auction the containers that were confiscated during the relocation exercise of refugees to Dzaleka Camp should the owners fail to avail and bring relevant documents permitting them to do business in the country.

The decision has come as on 28th, August,2023, the Ministry of Homeland Security in conjunction with the Malawi Police service will open and search the 125 containers that were confiscated during the relocation exercise of refugees to Dzaleka Camp in Dowa district.

Homeland Security minister Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma wondered as the owners of the containers are not availing themselves to claim for their properties.

Ng’oma added that the containers will be auctioned if the owners will not come on the set date.

Zikhale Ng’oma: Govt will auction containers whose owners will not come on 28th August 2023

Ng’oma further stated that the money realised from the auction of the containers will go back to the government account where it will be used for development activities.

The minister clarified that the containers have not been tampered with,saying that every thing as regards to the containers is still intact.

He emphasized that the exercise to open and search the containers has been arranged in the spirit of transparency and accountability.

“All containers have remained locked since,the crimes suspected to have been committed include illegal possession of firearms, foreign currency and machines for printing out fake currency, illegal purchase of minerals and farm produce to mention a few,” Ng’oma said.

Some of the areas where the containers were confiscated include; Mgona and Chinsapo in Lilongwe.

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