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IPTE 15-17 Teachers Demand mass recruitment

Unemployed teachers under IPTE 15 to 17 have given the government, through the Ministry of Education, five working days from 28th September, 2023. to recruit teachers across the country or face unspecified action.

According to 2022- 2023 national budget, K8.9 billion was allocated to the ministry for the mass recruitment of teachers.

Rosdwell Tadala Isaac, who speaks on their behalf, wondered why the government spent millions of taxpayers’ money training teachers it did not need. 

In their petition, the unemployed teachers have recommended that the government should consider removing interview criteria in recruiting teachers through councils, which they say is fueling rampant corruption, nepotism and sexual abuses, especially to female teachers.

“Female teachers are asked to sleep with the boses in the name of recruitment, scraping of auxiliary teaching program for it proves to be total exploitation bringing back the lost glory teaching profession used to have and device a proper transition plan from training schools into practice (employment), Rosdwell said.

They have also demanded that government should lower the pupil teacher ratio by recruiting many teachers and avoid unnecessary finger pointing over underperformance of many government primary school necessities by under staffing and many undisputable factors just citing a few

Government of Malawi is finding it difficult to recruit more teachers across the country and a lot of teachers have been demanding to be recruited but the government is recruiting only a few teachers which worries alot of qualified and certified teachers who have finished their training in Malawi.

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