Karonga to plant 1.5 million tree seedlings

District Forestry Officer (DFO) for Karonga Christopher Chirwa on Tuesday said the District was planning to plant 1.5 million tree seedlings in this 2023 forestry season.

The Forestry Officer disclosed this in an interview with Nthanda Times, saying the forestry office was in the process of finalizing the management of most seedlings and nurseries comprising both exotic and indigenous seedlings.

He further said planting trees is the best strategy to avert the effects of disasters and climate change being experienced in the district.

“As Karonga we have been facing floods each and every year as a result of manmade disasters like deforestation hence our plan of planting 1.5 million tree seedlings to reverse some of the destruction,” he said.

Chirwa: We intend to reverse some of the manmade destructions Karonga district has been facing

Chirwa has since underscored the importance of community participation in the tree planting exercise saying their involvement is key in monitoring and looking after trees.

However, Chairperson for Mwakaboko Area Development Committee (ADC) Edward Chitete, urged authorities to look at alternative sources of energy describing the current trend as encouraging deforestation due to the demand for charcoal in households.

“As communities in Mwakaboko deforestation has really affected us as each and every year we get the flooding of Kyungu river which has happened due to cutting down of trees along the river hence our appeal for an alternative source of energy to stop people from unnecessary cutting down of trees,” Chitete explained.

On the other hand, Prosper Malema a youth in the district noted that Malawi will continue to struggle to overcome problems emanating from climate change unless everyone takes up the responsibility of planting and loving trees.

Adding every year millions of trees are planted but the survival rate leaves a lot to be desired due to a lack of proper care.

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