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Macra embarks on better QoS in Malawi Project

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) has embarked on a project called “Better Quality of Service (QoS) in Malawi to improve telecommunication services in the country.

The project will run from August 25th, 2023, to February 25th, 2024.

Macra Director of Telecommunications Edward Kauka disclosed this during the opening of a QoS meeting for stakeholders in the communication and representatives of consumers held Tuesday in Lilongwe.

He said the project among others aims to assess the current state of mobile network services in terms of QoS parameters, identify areas that require improvement to enhance the user experience, collaborate with local stakeholders and mobile network operators to implement targeted strategies as well as implement solutions that will lead to measurable and sustainable improvements in QoS.

“We believe that this project will significantly enhance the quality of mobile network services and better overall user satisfaction,” he said.

Stakeholders in Telecommunications attending Quality of Service meeting

Kauka said people are indeed living in an era of highly interconnected digital ecosystems saying as ICT sector advances so does our dependence.  

He said people are now using ICT in government (e-Government), economy (e-Commerce), health (e-Health), education and security processes.

” ICT has become the backbone on which we are building our lives.The onset of the digital era revolutionized our way of life and set us on the course of innovation and immense technological advancements that made it possible to develop systems and networks that can organize, store, manipulate and analyze vast quantities of data,” he said.

As a Regulator of ICT, Kauka said their goal in this information era is to ensure the provision of communications services for a digitally transformed nation.

He said: “We aim to provide a conducive and enabling environment for the growth of cyberspace and the digital economy. We cannot transform digitally if we lack quality of service on ICT services.”

Kauka further said If Malawi is to achieve digital transformation and build a resilient digital economy, she needs communication services that are reliable and accessible by all. 

Kapito: The Country’s mobile operators need to improve

Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA) Executive Director, John Kapito commended Macra for coming up with the initiative to monitor telecommunications services in the country.

“There are so many complaints in the telecommunications sector especially with the mobile services,” he said.

Kapito said mobile operators must do better in offering services to Malawians.

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