Malawi takes steps to rescue its citizens living in war-torn Sudan

The Malawi Government has taken steps to rescue its citizens currently pursuing various studies in the Republic of Sudan where war is currently raging.

The government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has issued a statement in which it is advising the students in Sudan to register with the Malawi Embassy in Cairo, Egypt.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to inform members of the public that, in view of the ongoing war in the Republic of Sudan, the ministry is reminding all Malawians who are currently in that country to ensure they are registered with the Malawi Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, which is accredited to Khartoum on a non-residential basis. In this respect, the ministry further wishes to call on friends and families of Malawians who are currently in the Sudan to convey this message to them,” reads the statement released on Thursday.

The ministry urges the students to register through Dr. Shoab Mzoma, Deputy Head of Mission, Malawi Embassy, Cairo. Email: malawiembcairo@gmail.com, WhatsApp: +201067506995.

The students are further asked to provide their names, gender, location in Sudan, phone/whatsapp number, name of institution, and expected date of return to Malawi, among others.

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