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Mobile training programmes key to the youth

Technical Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training Authority (Teveta) Director of Training Programmes, Modesto Gomani has said the provision of technical skills to young people living in far flung areas of the country.

He said through its mobile training programmes was key in empowering and accommodating more youth to acquire skills for self-employment.

The Director made the remarks at Khosolo in Mzimba on Friday during the launch of Tevet Mobile Training Programme, targeting out of school youth in the district.

Inkosi Khosolo in red and Gomani launching the programme

Gomani said when the youth get technical skills they would be able to start running various businesses out of the acquired skills and therefore they would be able to fend for themselves and their families.  

‘‘The main reason government rolled -out these mobile Tevet training programmes through Teveta is to ensure the youths in hard to reach areas of the country are accorded an opportunity to gain technical skills that will enable them become self-reliant and productive through various businesses out of their chosen trades,’’ the Director added.

He said the country does not have technical colleges in all parts of the country hence the decision to start offering mobile technical programmes to reach out to as many people as possible with technical and vocational skills.

Gomani disclosed that the country has seven government owned technical colleges, 15 private owned community technical colleges and less than 50 community skill training centres.

‘‘So, the mobile training programmes will help bridge the gap that is there for people to acquire skills in technical courses. We have three trucks each for each region. These trucks are used in conducting the mobile trainings in various areas,” he explained.

M’mbelwa District Council Director of Administration, Steve Chima applauded Teveta for rolling out the Tevet mobile training programme in Mzimba.

He said due to lack of skills in various trades, many youth trek to South Africa to look for green pasture.

Gomani and Inkosi Khosolo handing a hand sewing machine to one of the disabled women trainee Dorothy Banda

‘‘The District loses out many of its youth who go to South Africa to work because they have nothing to do at home. So, these technical skills will enable our youth venture into various works because with these mobile trainings they will acquire skills for earning a living,’’ Chima viewed.

Inkosi Khosolo said many youth who had no opportunity to access college education due to long distances would now be able to gain skills through the mobile training programmes.

One of the trainees in tailoring, Dinna Banda said she looks forward to making her own money when she finally graduates.

‘‘I had no future without this training. I had always been looking forward to learning tailoring but I had no means of affording this course as most training offering institutions are in towns and cities but with this mobile training programme by Teveta I can see my future being bright,’’ she said.

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