Mwanza District Hospital employees down tools over poor working conditions


An anonymous worker, who spoke to reporters, stated that the hospital’s working environment was not conducive to providing quality care due to the lack of essential equipment.

The employee also alleged that they had not received their locum allowances, which are payments made to temporary employees.

The hospital’s management reportedly attributed the problem to a lack of funding from the District Council. When the workers asked about the issue, they were told that the funds had not been made available due to financial constraints.

Striking workers at Mwanza District Hospital

“When we queried management on the issue, we were informed that the problem is a result of funding under the District Council, “said the source.

The hospital is currently facing several challenges, including a shortage of fuel for ambulances, a lack of food for inpatients, and inadequate equipment in the theatre.

These issues have contributed to the workers’ decision to strike, as they believe that they cannot provide adequate care without the necessary resources.

The Mwanza District Hospital serves a large population, and the strike has had a significant impact on patients who require non-emergency medical attention. Hospital management has not released an official statement on the matter, and it remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved.

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