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Nkhata Bay DC hails World Vision Malawi

District Commissioner (DC) for Nkhata Bay, Rodgers Newa has commended World Vision Malawi (WVM) for implementation of indoor residual spraying (IRS) project in the district which has led to reduction of cases of malaria.

Newa made the remarks Monday during a final IRS review meeting in Mzuzu.

“Before we officially finish implementing the IRS exercise, which is currently underway across the district, let me take this opportunity to commend World Vision for the support they give to Malawi government and Nkhata Bay district in particular,” Newa said.

“Government alone cannot manage to do everything. We rely on developmental partners to complement the efforts that we are doing.

“That is why government policy stipulates that we always provide conducive environment for all the stakeholders we work with. Let me call upon other stakeholders who would like to come and work with us in Nkhata Bay that the door is open,” he added.

Newa said he was impressed with the impact the IRS project has made in the district by reducing the number of Malaria cases.

DC Newa addressing Member during review meeting

“This being the final year of the project, as a district, we are ready to accept any other interventions that will be put in place. We have no problem with the continuity of the same as long as it will help the country to eliminate malaria by 2030,” said Newa.

WVM Programmes Manager for Nkhata Bay and Mzimba, Elaton Thawani attributed the successful implementation of their projects in Nkhata Bay to the good coordination which is there with the district council.

“We have been implementing the IRS project in Nkhata Bay for over three years and we are proud that the project has reduced cases of malaria in the district. Apart from that, World Vision is also implementing several projects in education, sanitation and other interventions in child protection,” Thawani said.

IRS project is being implemented in Nkhata Bay, Mangochi and Balaka by Malawi Government and World Vision with support from Global Fund.

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