Nutricom Food & Beverages clarifies on Kombucha’s alcohol content

Nutricom Food and Beverages Limited – a local beverage producing company – has dismissed as false assertions that its Kombucha drink contains higher alcoholic content than the company indicates on the bottle.

Nation on Sunday reported that the drink contains higher alcoholic content than what is mentioned on the label thus misinforming consumers in the process.

But in reaction to the article, the company dismissed the assertion, assuring that as a law-abiding company, its operations are guided by strict compliance with the laws that govern production and manufacturing processes in this country.

Kombucha drink whose consumption has steadily grown in Malawi

“We have been producing Kombucha for the past 7 years and in all these years, it has been tested and cleared by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS). We do not have a record of non-compliance,” reads a statement issued on Monday.

The company further underlines that at the point of production, alcohol content in its product is 0.005 as indicated on the product sticker.

“However, due to varying storage conditions as the product goes to the market, which may result in the continuation of the fermentation process of the product – the alcohol content may slightly vary with what was at production. Needless to say, the Company has no control over how the product is stored once it leaves its factory premises.

“As a Company, we will continue to tirelessly work with all relevant regulatory institutions in the country to ensure that we continue, as we have done in the past 7 years, to deliver a product that meets the demands and expectations of our customers,” concludes the statement.

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