RWA Zambia supports women cyclone survivors with seeds, other supplies

Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) Zambia Chapter on Friday donated various seeds and other supplies to women farmers whose crops were damaged by Tropical Cyclone Freddy in Blantyre, Chiradzulu and Phalombe.

The assembly also advised the cyclone survivors to invest their energy and resources in winter-cropping and irrigation farming in order to avert hunger.

RWA Zambia chairperson Mary Sakala made the advice on Friday at the end of a solidarity visit to survivors of Tropical Cyclone Freddy in Blantyre, Chiradzulu and Phalombe districts.

During the visit, the RWA Zambia Chapter donated various supplies and farm in puts, including seeds, to women farmers whose crops were washed away by the raging waters.

“We know that you don’t have food and safe drinking water following that crisis as your crops went with the ravaging waters. Thus, our donation simply signifies our commitment and love for you at the time of your suffering,” said Sakala.

She challenged the woman farmers to actively participate in local and national efforts aimed at restoring the environment, stressing that the battle against climate change calls for collaboration among all stakeholders.

RWA Zambia chapter members visited cyclone survivors in Malawi

Sakala stated that the adverse effects of climate change people are facing now are a result of the damage mankind made to the natural resources.

“Climate change is real! We tampered with climate and now it has turned against us. So, we are here to encourage our fellow sisters that we need to work together so that we can combat climate change. If it means planting trees, we need to do so. Whatever plan that can help to reduce global warming, we need to do that together, otherwise if we don’t do together, we will perish together and do something concerning climate change,” added Sakala.

One of the survivors, Marita Mtondo, said she has not harvested anything this year as her crops were swept away by the waters.

“When these waters came, they took everything and left us with nothing. We are doing nothing right now as we also don’t have even a single thing to lean on as we are here we are always being supported,” Mtondo said.

She commended RWA Zambia for the solidarity visit and donation of seeds, which she said she would plant right away.

Recently, the Southern Africa Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) demanded that African countries should impose sanctions and penalties on companies and organization that pollute the environment in the continent.

The movement also demanded that survivors and the families of victims of climate disasters (such as Cyclone Freddy and Idai) must be generously compensated for loss of life, livelihoods and material positions.

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