SULOM implements gate fee increase, bans alcohol at BT derby

The Super League of Malawi (SULOM) has announced adjustments to the ticket prices for the highly anticipated FCB Nyasa Big Bullets versus Mighty Mukuru Wanderers game, set to take place this weekend at Blantyre’s prestigious Kamuzu Stadium.

In a bid to enhance the overall match experience and ensure efficient crowd management, SULOM has revised the admission fees. 

The open stand, for instance, will now command a price of three thousand Kwacha, a significant increase from its previous rate of two thousand Kwacha.

Moreover, in a surprising move, SULOM has strictly prohibited the consumption of alcoholic beverages within the stadium premises during the upcoming event. 

This decision has been made in the interest of public safety and to foster a secure environment for all attendees. 

By mitigating the presence of alcohol, the authorities aim to curtail congestion and promote an atmosphere conducive to smooth entry and spectator comfort.

Furthermore, it has been announced that the stadium gates will open promptly at 8 AM, granting supporters ample time to arrive and prepare for the eagerly anticipated encounter. 

Additionally, spectators are advised that there will be certain areas beyond the barricades where access will be restricted to authorized personnel only.

In an official statement obtained by our correspondent, SULOM’s General Secretary, Williams Banda, affirmed the underlying rationale for these measures, stating, “The aforementioned initiatives are geared towards reducing overcrowding, streamlining the entry process, and guaranteeing a safe and secure environment within the stadium for all individuals in attendance.”

Historically, the Blantyre derbies, often described as the Local Clash of the Titans, have consistently shattered records for both match attendance and revenue generated. 

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that these new regulations come at a time when Kamuzu Stadium is unable to accommodate its full seating capacity of 32 thousand spectators. 

Due to safety concerns flagged by FIFA, the stadium’s capacity was curtailed to 13 thousand, posing logistical challenges for managing the surging demand for tickets.

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