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THR Malawi, THR DR Congo introduce French language to the tobacco harm reduction chatbot

In a significant step towards enhancing accessibility and inclusivity, Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR Malawi) and its partners, THR DR Congo, have introduced the French language option to their chatbot platform.

This development aims to provide valuable information and support to individuals who prefer to communicate in French, expanding the reach of tobacco harm reduction initiatives.

The addition of French language support to the chatbot signifies a commitment to empowering more people to make informed decisions about tobacco harm negative impact of smoking. With advanced artificial intelligence technology at its core, the chatbot offers information, guidance, and resources related to tobacco harm reduction.

Martha Mwase, a Public Health Scholar at Knowledge Action Change and the visionary developer behind the chatbot, played an instrumental role in seamlessly integrating the French language option.

Mwase played a big role in the development of the chatbot

“Our mission is to dismantle language barriers and ensure that vital information on tobacco harm reduction transcends linguistic boundaries,” asserts Martha Mwase. “By introducing the French language option, we are empowering a wider audience to engage with the chatbot and gain valuable insights into alternative nicotine products, quitting strategies, and harm reduction in general,” she said.

The French language option enables users to engage with the chatbot in their preferred language, accessing accurate and relevant information tailored to their needs. Whether individuals are seeking to learn about the benefits of alternative nicotine products, understand effective quitting strategies, or explore harm reduction approaches, the chatbot is designed to provide comprehensive support.

“We firmly believe that language should never impede access to critical information on tobacco harm reduction,” asserts Samuel Mukandi, the astute Director at THR – DRCongo. “Expanding the language options of the chatbot seamlessly aligns with the mission to empower individuals worldwide on their transformative journey towards a smoke-free and healthier future, expect more languages to be added as we go” Mukandi affirmed passionately.

To interact with the Chatbot, visit their website at www.thrmalawi.org or www.thrcongo.org. The team behind the chatbot remains dedicated to continuously improving services and expanding language options to cater to the diverse needs of communities.

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