Three Tropical Cyclone Freddy camps register scabies cases 

Ministry of Health through Director of Preventive Health Services. Storn Kabuluzi has said three Tropical Cyclone Freddy (TCF) Camps in Zomba, Machinga and Phalombe have registered cases of scabies.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency, Kabuluzi said each camp in Zomba, Machinga, and Phalombe has registered 41, 20 and 5 cases of scabies respectively.

He said all these are happening due to congestion and lack of hygiene in these camps.

“As ministry, we are aware of poor health conditions in TCF camps due to overcrowding and we have put in place surveillance systems like provision of BB (Benzyl benzoate) paint treatment to those who have been affected by scabies and medication for other related diseases,” said Kabuluzi.

He added that scabies is a highly contiguous disease and if people are not protected can cause damage to their skin.

He added, “as ministry we are sending messages in all TCF camps on how to prevent scabies and importance of good hygiene such as taking bath regularly including washing of clothes and beddings.

“The Ministry is also working with the media in disseminating information concerning scabies and other skin diseases. We are also reminding people about hygiene more especially in TCF camps.

Esnart Mwale one of the TCF survivors at Naotcha camp said she appreciates government efforts of ensuring that people are receiving medical attention and advice from health officials saying this will go a long way in fighting scabies and other related diseases.

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