Two Nabbed for Stealing Millions of Cash: Police Crack Down on Notorious Theft Ring

In a major breakthrough, two individuals have been apprehended by the Lilongwe Police for their alleged involvement in a series of high-profile thefts amounting to millions in cash and valuable items. 

According to Hastings Chigalu, the spokesperson for the Lilongwe Police, the two have been on the police wanted list of criminals for stealing huge sums of money and electronics such as laptops and cellphones after breaking into the vehicles.

Chigalu told us that the two, who have been identified as Mkhoya Makina, 38, and Evance Moffat, 37, were arrested in Dedza.

“A team of detectives from Lilongwe Police Station traveled to Dedza before crossing the borders into Mozambique, Kalomue area, where they arrested the two suspects and recovered from Mkhoya Makina, cash amounting to K5 million,” said Chigalu.

The two suspects, Makina and Moffat

Chigalu further said the suspects’ involvement in a well-known theft case at Nail Tech Tradings in Area 5 on June 2, 2023, came to light through the scrutiny of CCTV footage. 

Chigalu added, “They reportedly stole cash amounting to K36 million belonging to MacLean Sikumbaba.”

Meanwhile, the Lilongwe Police have revealed that they have intensified investigations to trace and bring to book the remaining suspects who are still at large. 

“We are determined to dismantle the entire operation and ensure that all those responsible are held accountable for their actions,” said Chigalu.

The suspects will soon face legal proceedings, according to Chigalu.

Mkhoya Makina hails from Mwandovi Village, Traditional Authority Wasanbo, Karonga. Evance Moffat comes from Phanganya Village, T/A Kamenyagwaza in Dedza District.

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