Blessme set to drop Ufiti Sikutamba Kokha EP

Renowned Gospel Hip Hop artist, Blessme, is set drop a seven track Extended Playlist (EP) titled Ufiti Sikutamba Kokha whose thematic expression is about the ‘other side’ of witchcraft.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA), the rapper whose real name is Blessme Phiri said the EP is a blend of old school/underground rap synced with Chichewa poetic lyricism as he addresses the plight of the marginalised sectors in the Malawian society on abuse.

He said the EP discusses the flip side of witchcraft which is usually not discussed. 

Artwork for the EP

“We have seen people, especially the elderly, being abused and murdered under accusations of witchcraft which abusers do not even have evidence for that.

“Yes, the bible clearly shows us that witchcraft is real (Leviticus 20:27, Galatians 5: 19-21) but it also shows the other side of witchcraft on 1 Samuel:23 which most of us are guilty of; that is, rebellion against God’s authority,” said Blessme.

The Mkaka ndi Uchi hit maker said hurting or revenging a neighbor is a rebellion against God’s command of forgiveness hence felt inspired to come up with the project which unravels evil happening in the society.

Apart from speaking out against abuse of the elderly, the rapper who composed and wrote all the songs in the EP, has also touched on other vices rooted in the communities. 

“I am also addressing corruption at the expense of the poor, kukhwimira (sacrificing relatives for riches), defilement, murdering people with albinism, envy, and ill treatment of orphans,” he said. 

Blessme: Hurting your neighbour is rebellion against God

The track list for the EP recorded by Sniky Virus at Audio Blitz Lab in Zomba includes songs like Mangawa, Ndani Anatilodza?, Pansi pa Nthaka and Kuwapemphelera.

Guess artists G Newo, L.I.M, Wise King and a poet named Apatsa Psalms co-wrote the featured songs with Blessme in the project which will be out on June 17.

Avid local gospel fan, Mandla Gama expressed optimism with the upcoming EP saying it carries important messages which need to be amplified through gospel music.  

Ufiti Sikutamba Kokha has been mixed and mastered by Echorino at Inkosi Music in Lilongwe and will be available for streaming on Spotify and other digitals platforms as well for free downloads on uzimuvibes.com and yeniyenihiphop.com.

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