Bundaunda Phiri defects to Liberation for Economic Freedom, 20 more MCP, ADD senior officials follow

Liberation for Economic Freedom (LEF) party has received a boost following the defection of People’s Party (PP) National Campaign Director, Clement Bundaunda Phiri to the party.

Phiri’s defection was announced at a brief function the party organized to welcome him and 20 other long-serving senior officials from the governing Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD).

Renowned man of God, Prophet Dr. David Mbewe, formed and registered LEF in January this year with a promise to take “Malawians to Canaan where they were promise, but never saw it”.

Since its registration, the party has been receiving new entrants from other parties, particularly the PP, DPP and UDF, who say they had been fed with unfulfilled promises by their parties’ leaders.

Confirming his defection on Friday morning, Bundaunda Phiri said he felt LEF is the only party that holds keys and answers for unlocking the social and economic opportunities Malawians have been waiting for.

Bundaunda: EFL is the only part to unlock the country’s social and economic opportunities

“I have defected to LEF because I want to help in building the party, which is just starting, and the manifesto of its leadership. If given a chance to rule this country, things will certainly change for the betterment of poor Malawians, who are in large numbers,” he said.

“You can agree with me that basic necessities in this country are mostly unaffordable to ordinary Malawians, and this is a big challenge to anthu obvutika,” he added.

Speaking in a separate interview, Prophet Mbewe said his party is receiving requests from hundreds of members of other parties to join LEF after they had read about its manifesto, adding that in the next two days, LEF will be unveiling more defectors.

“People have come to realize that they had been hoodwinked by crooked politicians all along. Now LEF has come to liberate them and liberate them for good,” he said.

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