Politics of mudslinging rears ugly as Belekanyama’s opponents link him to fake sex video

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmaker for Lilongwe Msinja South, Francis Belekanyama, has expressed displeasure and disappointment with politics of mudslinging and castigation, which have reared their ugly face 18 months before Malawians go to the General Elections in September 2024.

His displeasure and disappointment follow a decision by some unidentified people to post sex video, which they claimed to be of Belekanyama.

Immediately the video started flying on the social media, concerned Malawians asked member of Parliament (MP) for Lilongwe City Centre, Alfred Jiya, who is a close friend of Belekanyama, to confirm the authenticity of the video in question.

“The answer is a big NO! The video is fake. Those who know Honourable Belekanyama very well know that he is a person of high integrity, socially upright, brilliant, mature, wise and intelligent,” said Jiya.

Jiya was, however, quick to point out that as months draw closer to the next General Elections, it is not surprising to see overzealous politicians using and abusing social media platforms to attack others, including creating propaganda for political reasons and high political agenda.

“Hon. Belekanyama is facing his competitors in his constituency, whom he is likely to knock down at the ballot box in 2025, that’s the reason they are using all unorthodox means to bring him down buy they will fail miserably. I am informed Honourable Belekanyama himself will be commenting on the matter, suffice to say that he is facing wars in many fronts.

“It could be his competitors in parliament are having sleepless nights with him as I am told he has been earmarked for chairmanship of a parliamentary committee. In addition, Honourable Belekanyama is one of strategists for one of the candidates who is vying for a party position,” said Jiya.

The Lilongwe City Centre lawmaker described Belekanyama as a vibrant forward looking young legislator, ‘probably very few brilliant legislators in the 193 strong House who uniquely knows how to cook excellent political strategies’.

He challenged that this ‘strategy to destroy him politically and weaken his ambitions has therefore failed miserably, go back to the drawing board’.

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