Mwenefumbo launches political party amidst accusations of abuse of resources at NRWB

In a surprising turn of events, former UTM Publicity Secretary Frank Mwenefumbo, who is currently chair of the Northern Region Water Board (NRWB), is launching his own political party. The political grouping named the National Democratic Party (NDP) is expected to be launched in a week’s time.

However, this move from one of the most nomadic politicians in recent times, has raised concerns as it comes amidst issues of abuse of resources at the NRWB where Mwenefumbo has been caught using an institutional vehicle for his campaign to establish the party. Reports also reveal that recently he has been making unwarranted official trips drawing hefty allowances, yet the travels are for galvanising support for his new party.

According to source the new party held its first conference in Lilongwe last weekend to agree on a constitution and manifesto of this new party.  The attendance list to the conference revealed that its membership is drawn from Freedom Party and AFORD.

The party has Mwenefumbo as the interim leader, others include Brian Bowler, K. Mhango, Chris Daza, Sherborne Mchizi, Guta, Amin, Limbikani (believed to be an MP), Cliffa Komdowe, Clive Nthakoma, Ritchie, Victoria Lonje among others, and as the names appear on the attendance list. Ahmed Dassu, a resident of the UK is the Chief Advisor and main mobilizer of financial resources, alongside with another UK based Nyondo joined the meeting via video link.

The conference has tasked some of the attendees to organise a launch event and they will hold another meeting in Mzuzu on 8th January, 2024.

The party, although it aspires to wear a national outlook will have a base in the north.

Mwenefumbo is no stranger as a political journeyman. He launched his political career with the Alliance for Democracy (Aford) before joining UDF in 2004 only to dump it a year later to join the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) then moved on to People’s Party (PP) after DPP was booted out of government following the death of President Bingu Wa Mutharika.

Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo when he a UTM member

He went back to DPP, after their 2014 victory only to dump it for the second time to go back to Aford where is was elected President and joined hands with the UDF to partners with Atupele Muluzi as his running mate during the 2029 Presidential elections.

Apart from using NRWB resources and funding, Mwenefumbo is reportedly receiving further funding from unknown sources in South Africa, a move that has since jolted into action the Reserve Bank of Malawi and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to make some inquiries.

Insiders to the move disclosed that forming the political party is Mwenefumbo’s strategy to launch a personal challenge to the dominance of the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) and its leader Enoch Chihana in the northern region and eventually position himself as a formidable candidate for the running mate to the incumbent State President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera.

After abandoning the UDF project, Mwenefumbo joined the Tonse Alliance 2020 campaign where he became the UTM spokesperson only to abandon ship again   in November 2022. His ambition was to be roped into the Cabinet of Dr Chakwera, a dream that did not materialise with him ending up at NRWB, as the chairperson.

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