2023 ICT Expo opens with a call to learn, connect, embrace digital technology

The 2023 International ICT Expo has opened in Lilongwe with a call to Malawians to learn, connect and embrace the power of digital technology to build a more resilient and prosperous future for the country.

Minister of Information and Digitalization, Moses Kunkuyu, made a call on Wednesday during the official opening of the 2023 International ICT Expo under the theme: “Building business resilience through digital technology.”

Kunkuyu said one of the most critical prerequisites for a resilient society, government or business is continuous innovation to remain relevant in an ever changing environment.

“We cannot talk of resilient economies without linking it to digital technology which is now the blood and driving force for innovation and economic growth,” he said.

Kunkuyu visiting one of the pavilions during the launch

According to him, middle and strong economies have taken advantage of digital technologies to define how business is undertaken from Government to Government (G2G), Business to Business (B2B) and Government to Citizens (G2C).

Therefore, Kunkuyu said, this year’s expo is perfectly aligned with the national vision of becoming a digital and knowledge-based economy.

The aspirations in Malawi 2063 will remain mere rhetoric if we are not embracing the power of technologies and building resilient businesses that can thrive in the face of future challenges, he said.

Kunkuyu observed that there is a need to invest in ICT infrastructure, skills development, enabling policies and legislations that will support the growth of the digital economy.

Adding that there is also a need to create an environment that is conducive to innovation, entrepreneurship and investments.

In his remarks ICT Association of Malawi (ICTAM) president Clarence Gama said this year’s expo is focusing on building business resilience through technology.

“We would like to share that amidst economic difficulties, people should learn to adopt technologies in order to build resilience,” he said.

During the event, ICTAM unveiled its new logo symbolizing Malawi (map) to show how the association is trying to leverage technology to change the nation.

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