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29-year-old man in Police custody for defiling a minor in Mchinji

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Police in Mchinji district are keeping in custody a 29-year-old Peter Maluwa for allegedly defiling a 6-year-old girl on 11th September 2023 in Kanyama village, Traditional Authority Zulu in the district.

Mchinji Police Public Relations Officer Limbani Mpinganjira has told Nthanda Times in an interview that on the material day, Maluwa grabbed the victim by hand from where she was playing with her friends, led her into the bush where he kissed her lips, and defiled her.

Mpinganjira: Maluwa dragged the minor into a bush where he defiled her

According to Mpinganjira, the victim’s peers tipped-off her mother of the ordeal, who later with help of neighbors launched a search which yielded nothing until around 8pm the same day when the suspect was seen escorting the victim.

“Later in the day around 20:00 hrs, one of the mother’s neighbours spotted Peter Maluwa escorting the victim back to her home and immediately informed her and reported the matter to Mchinji police where the accused got arrested and the victim was issued with a police report for medical examination,” said Mpinganjira.

Maluwa, currently in Police custody

The Mchinji Police Publicist added that medical examination revealed vaginal lacerations indicating that the girl was indeed defiled.

“Meanwhile, the accused is in police custody expected to answer the charge of Having Sexual Intercourse with a Minor, contrary to Section 138 of the Penal Code,” added Mpinganjira.

Peter Maluwa hails from Guileme, Traditional Authority Mlonyeni in Mchinji District

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