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Avokado courts Billy Kaunda, Thoko Katimba in new Amapiano gospel

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Amapiano artist, Avokado, is on January 28, 2023 set to release a single titled ‘Mwazi wa Yesu’ featuring Thoko Katimba and Billy Kaunda.

The song has been produced by Macksay Beats & LCB Studios.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Monday, Avokado said the song is all about Jesus being the only one who can purify mankind and save it from all circumstances that affect their daily lives.

“The message in the song is very powerful that it can change people’s lives and make them true believers,” he said.

He, therefore, described Billy Kaunda as one of the legends who has inspired him with his music since the 1990s hence featuring him is a great thing that will help to catapult him to another level.

Avokado: Billy Kaunda inspired my music career

In a separate interview, renowned gospel artist, Thoko Katimba described Avokado as a humble person whose approach towards music is very impressive; hence did not hesitate to support him when asked to feature in his song. 

Katimba said it is very important to support each other musically especially the up-and-coming artists in order to help elevate them.

“This year people should expect more new songs from me featuring so many other artists including Avokado. It is going to be very interesting because people will see and listen to fantastic tunes with a different touch but the same identity as always,” he said.

One of Avokado’s top fans, Chrissy Golomoti said Avokado is one of the most talented musicians who have special and unique skills to release good songs.

“I believe that this new Amapiano gospel song will carry a strong message that can help to change my life and strengthen my faith in God,” she said.

Avokado is also expected to release an Extended Playlist (EP) this year that will be full of Amapiano gospel songs.

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