Five Households Left Homeless as Police Launch Manhunt in Dowa District


Police in Dowa have launched a manhunt for suspects of malicious damage, arson and theft at Chamvu, in the district.

Dowa Police Public Relations Officer Alice Sitima said in an interview that five houses were set ablaze and properties stolen by unkonwn people.

According to Sitima, the incident was reported by a 26 year old Kalonga Kasitomu.

“On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, Kalonga Kasitomu aged 26, reported on behalf of his four brothers and sisters that all their 5 houses were set ablaze and other properties got stolen by unknown criminals. On the material day, Thokozani Kholowa (adult) of Chiwaya village, Traditional Authority Chiwere in the district, who is mentally challenged, was found loitering in Chamvu village,” said Sitima.

One of he houses which was set ablaze. Pic Curtsey of Dowa Police PRO

The Dowa Police Publicist added that a particular family in the area claimed that they were related to Kholowa, who they claimed had just risen from the dead after being killed through magic, by the family of Kasitomu.

Sitima said Kholowa’s husband who went to Chimvu pleading for his wife’s release was beaten up by an angry mob.

“The husband to Kholowa came from Nalunga and pleaded with the angry mob of Chamvu village, to release his wife, but they refused and beat him up. The angry mob went ahead demolishing the houses, stealing and setting on fire all the five houses belonging to Kasitomu and his family,” added Sitima.

When the matter was reported to Police, they visited the scene and confirmed the incident.

Meanwhile, Police in Dowa has urged people in the district not to take laws into their own hands.

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