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HRDC threaten protest against MPs’ self-serving proposals

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has warned that it will not hesitate to call for nationwide demonstrations should members of Parliament (MPs) continue introducing self-serving proposals at the expense of the interests of their constituents.

HRDC chairperson Gift Trapence said the coalition would not sit back and watch while lawmakers are proposing laws that are aimed at plundering public money.

Trapence–We won’t sit back and watch as MPs abuse their roles and responsibilities

Trapence made the sentiments in Kulinji Programme on Tuesday. Times Radio airs Kulinji Programme every Monday to Wednesday in which hosts tackle various matters of social and economic concern to ordinary Malawians.

Trapence said they were taken aback by a proposal from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) parliamentarian for Chitipa South, Werani Chilenga, to introduce retirement packages for lawmakers amidst economic challenges that have slowed down general development of the country.

“Amene amasankha atsogoleriwo ndi Amalawi. Amene amalipira misonkho ndi Amalawi. Udindo kapena tinene kuti bwana wa anthu amene ali ku parliament’wo, ndi Amalawi. Komanso dzikoli ndithu ndi lawo. N’chifukwa chake tikuyenera kuwauza kuti simungaziwonjere malipiro ena aliwonse pamene dziko lino likuyaka. Chifukwa dzikoli ndi patient. Pali mavuto osiyanasiyana amene Amalawi akukumana nawo,” he said.

Trapence said it would be foolhardy to think that Malawians are too timid that they cannot follow what is happening in the august House.

He warned that HRDC is prepared to mobilize Malawians to take to the streets against the lawmakers if they continue bringing proposals that do not serve the interests of the ordinary citizen.

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